Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why we do it: Van Gogh

Van Gogh came to us from an inebriated, homeless man who was panhandling in a WalMart parking lot in the 110 degree heat. Van Gogh was laying half in and half out of the doors of the WalMart trying to get some air conditioning. The homeless man thought he had found Van Gogh in Victoria (a city about 3 hours south of Houston) but couldn't really remember. One of our volunteers happened to be shopping at that particular WalMart and she convinced the homeless man to release Van Gogh to us. He is missing an ear hence the name van Gogh. Sometime in his previous life it was surgically removed. Van Gogh was very underweight, had intestinal parasites, and severely infected ears and skin. The pads of his feet were raw and blistered from the hot pavement. He has been dewormed and is gaining weight nicely although he is still thin for his frame. He is intact at the moment - we have a vet appt. tomorrow to see if he has gained enough weight to be neutered. If I cannot get him neutered this week and give him plenty of recovery time before his travels next week then it will be up to David to take care of it. He does have a slightly enlarged prostate that our vet feels neutering will help. His ears are no longer infected, the pads of his feet are healed and his skin is recovering nicely although he does still have a few bald and yeasty spots. He is an exceptional gentleman with a very loving and easygoing personality.

Van Gogh is being fostered by Karen H., the director of the Pasadena, TX animal shelter. She brings Van Gogh to work with her every day where he loves hanging out with the cats in their special room. Van Gogh and Karen go on daily walks and she makes him special food because he needs to gain weight. Many thanks to Karen for all she is doing for Van Gogh. He is blossoming under her loving care.

Van Gogh and his foster mom, Karen


  1. What a sad story, but what a happy ending!!! :)

  2. What a luck dog to have been saved by such dedicated people. Van Gogh will be in my prayers for a safe trip to his new home.