Monday, August 31, 2009

Travels with Van Gogh: Home Sweet Home

Our boy is home! There will be no more days without food. Hugs and kisses will be plentiful and chances are he'll never get in trouble for ANYTHING! Many thanks to David and his wife for providing Van Gogh with a home full of Goldens and love. It's all easy street from here on out! We love you Van!

David dropped us a note early this morning (apparently Van Gogh is still on Central time!):

"Van Gogh has been home for twenty minutes, and his tail has not stopped wagging. Everybody is getting along great. I'm technologically challenged, but I'll take some pictures tomorrow of VG with his new friends. Thanks to everybody. I've been in rescue a while, but you are as amazing a group as I've ever come across. --David"

Van Gogh and David

A very happy dog!


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy Van Gogh is in his forever home!

  2. Oh, geez, our momma is bawling. Just show her a rescue story and she's no good for hours!

  3. Just a wonderful story, well told, with some of my favorite rescue people once again being the real-life heroes the dogs can always depend upon.

    Rick Fish