Sunday, August 30, 2009

Travels with Van Gogh: New Mexico to Arizona

Van Gogh made it to New Mexico yesterday thanks to Greg from Austin! He spent the night outside of Phoenix and headed west towards California early this morning. Here are some pictures from his adventure:

Van Gogh and Greg say goodbye and discuss who really won the license plate game.

Checking out the Arizona grass!

Van Gogh with his Arizona girls: Pam

...and Linda.

Loading up for the trip to Arizona and another rockin' sleepover!

Arizona, here comes Mr. Van Gogh!

"I get the WHOLE back seat?"

Catching some more zzzzz's on his new woobie ... cell phone close at hand in case he needs to call Mr. Greg with an update!!

The happy camper.

Van Gogh with Charlie and Sampson, two Arizona Goldens, who much to Van's surprise are JUST LIKE Texas Goldens!

The Arizona sleep-over hosted by Charlie and Sampson: "...ok, so mom said we can watch Air Bud and she'll make us some snacks or we can play checkers, but Sampson ALWAYS tries to eat them .... hey! wanna make a tent?"

Five minutes into Air Bud and the pooch is snoozin' ... sweet dreams sweet boy ... You are so loved!

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