Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travels with Van Gogh: Texas to New Mexico

We have it on good authority that Van Gogh arrived in New Mexico (Las Cruces to be exact) where he was safely handed over to Pam and Linda for the next leg of his trip. They'll spend the night in Phoenix. Stay tuned for updates from Arizona!

The grass in Austin DOES feel different from the grass in Houston! Who knew??

Nope, the sun feels the same! It's still really, really hot!

"Is Mr. Greg making it look like I have rabbit ears?"

Life really is good for Van Gogh, now! Looks like our cat lover is starting to get his every wish. These sleep-overs are starting to be serious fun!

zzzzzzz, purrrrr, zzzzzzz, purrrrrr

"We're taking this to New Mexico! Does it have a/c??"
Am I the only one hearing Willie Nelson singing "On the road again"??...

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