Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why we do it: Frydek (Dek)

New intake: Dek.

Here is our new boy, Dek. Many thanks to the kind folks out in Sealy who have fed him and slowly gained his trust and to GBGRR Volunteer, Lou B., who made so many trips out there. Lou and GBGRR president, Cil H. took him to the vet and he does have a horrible case of sarcoptic mange, had tapeworms and tested a very light positive for heartworms on a snap test. None of us could believe that so the vet took more blood to re-test. His skin and ears are infected and at 58 lbs. he is underweight but not emaciated. He should probably weigh about 65 lbs. after he fills out. He is a bit groggy in the photos, Lou slipped him a half of an Acepromazine in a piece of hot dog. We were worried about him trying to bolt on us or panicking in the car on the way to the vet. He has no clue about walking on a leash but was very good for us at the vet. It is almost like once someone touched him kindly he remembered what it was all about and at several points was actually trying to curl up in our laps. Poor guy has got to be pretty miserable but he was very sweet.

Dek with his rescuer, Lou B.

This is Dek's "before" picture. Wait until you see his "after" picture!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grab your Parrot - it's time for Golden Retrieverville!

...and it's happening this Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Hollywood Frame Gallery.

It might not be the Florida Keys, but when Kathleen Connaughton of Hollywood Frame Gallery is done decorating, you're going to think you're on vacation! Fabulous food from Bayou City Pasta, Margaritas, Pina Coladas and no shortage of Goldens promises to make this event more fun than a trip to the beach!

GBGRR's favorite artist, Jim Tweedy, has created this one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring our favorite breed and he'll be on hand to personalize your copy!

Jim Tweedy must have a Golden Retriever ... where's the other Flip-flop?

For more information, check out the event at http://www.gbgrr.org/

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big brother is watching...

Photo by GBGRR volunteer, Danny F.

Or should we say "Big brother is watching over Sedona f/k/a Artie!" Redhead Sedona, a 4 month old rescued from a local shelter, came into our program scared, covered in fleas and anemic. It didn't take long for foster family Robin and Tom to get him cleaned up and their gaggle of Goldens were quick to teach him how easy it is to feel safe and loved. Two weeks after intake, Sedona was adopted by Don and Sheri - who volunteered with Golden rescue in Maryland prior to moving to Houston. If that wasn't good enough for this lucky little guy, imagine his delight when he realized that gorgeous blond boy Dakota f/k/a Cotton was also part of the package. Adopted by Don and Sheri on the same day, these two boys are clearly already bonded and family has a new meaning! Sadly, Dakota is Heartworm positive and will need to gain weight before he can start Heartworm treatment, but rest assured that there will be a lot of love and support sent his way from GBGRR's volunteers. Don and Sheri, glue down all objects on the coffee table because there's going to be some serious tail wagging in your home!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tennis balls, woobies, anything will do!

Shiloh is the lucky dog of GBGRR fundrasier, Joanie P. On her daily walks, Shiloh collects lost tennis balls from a tennis court near her home. She takes them home and drops them in a bucket by the back door. When the GBGRR annual picnic rolls around Shiloh's bucket of tennis balls can be seen on the edge of the pond for all the other Goldens to use!

One of the most endearing characteristics of a Golden is their desire to carry things around. At GBGRR, we have no shortage of great pictures of our dogs doing just that!

GBGRR alum, Homer

GBGRR volunteer Tom's boy Jake and his favorite woobie

GBGRR alum, Koa

GBGRR alum, Joy

Camp Grey Hair!

GBGRR volunteer Ty S. says that Goldens have been running his life for more than 16 years. He refers to his home, which he and senior goldens Sandi and Shadow share with a rotating cast of foster dogs, as "Camp Grey Hair." In addition to fostering, Ty volunteers at events and adoption days, and his dry sense of humor is much appreciated by his fellow volunteers. Ty is also a member of the Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club.