Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why we do it: Frydek (Dek)

New intake: Dek.

Here is our new boy, Dek. Many thanks to the kind folks out in Sealy who have fed him and slowly gained his trust and to GBGRR Volunteer, Lou B., who made so many trips out there. Lou and GBGRR president, Cil H. took him to the vet and he does have a horrible case of sarcoptic mange, had tapeworms and tested a very light positive for heartworms on a snap test. None of us could believe that so the vet took more blood to re-test. His skin and ears are infected and at 58 lbs. he is underweight but not emaciated. He should probably weigh about 65 lbs. after he fills out. He is a bit groggy in the photos, Lou slipped him a half of an Acepromazine in a piece of hot dog. We were worried about him trying to bolt on us or panicking in the car on the way to the vet. He has no clue about walking on a leash but was very good for us at the vet. It is almost like once someone touched him kindly he remembered what it was all about and at several points was actually trying to curl up in our laps. Poor guy has got to be pretty miserable but he was very sweet.

Dek with his rescuer, Lou B.

This is Dek's "before" picture. Wait until you see his "after" picture!


  1. Oh! Breaks my heart! What a sweetie, and so glad you have been taken in by a wonderful group.
    What a really neat site. We will check back often.
    Hugs, and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. My heart is just aching for you, Dek. I am so glad that you have this wonderful group to take you in. Sending you lotsa licks, hugs and kisses!!! Will visit soon!!!


  3. Oh I love him! What a beauty. Thanks for caring for him and not giving up on him or any of these great pups!

  4. I hope Dek finds a home as good as the one I did.

  5. crossing hands and fingers for Dek.
    love, kimba 'n mom

  6. WOW this instantly brought tears to my eyes! What you are doing is a wonderful thing!! My thoughts and prayers are with Dek that he makes a full recovery!