Thursday, July 2, 2009

GBGRR volunteer: Kathy Y.

After my first golden, Tiffanne, died from cancer, I wanted to adopt another golden. I had just moved to Houston the year before, so I went online to try to find a golden. There it was...a website for Golden Beginnings! I thought "how perfect"...for not only was it a golden beginning for Mattie (one of the "Fab Five"), but also for my daughters and family, new city, new job, and now, a new dog!

I was approached to become an Adoption Team member. I quickly said "yes". I wanted to help any way I could. I was so thankful for the beautiful golden that GBGRR introduced me to. After a few years, I became a member of the hotline team. I still cover hotline twice a month. At the annual GBGRR picnic held every May, my daughter fell in love with a puppy named Holly. She carried that puppy around all day......well, you know who that puppy came home with! Mattie is now 9 years old, Holly is now 4. We also have another mixed dog, Nikki, who is 9 and a cat, Oliver aged 1 1/2. The joy our animals bring us is amazing.

A few weeks ago, I tried my hand at fostering. Trey, an 8-week old puppy born without a paw became an instant part of our family. It was with many joyful tears that he went to his forever home last week. Guess what? I get to babysit him for a few days when his new mom goes out of town this week!

So, I have covered the gamut....adoption team, hotline team, fostering, Meet and Greets, and the proud owner of two alumni! I can not say enough about the kind people involved in this organization! When you become involved in GBGRR, you become one of many wonderful, caring, loving friends who all have something in common.....our love for our goldens!!!!!

Kathy and her daughter volunteering at the 2008 Houston Reliant Dog Show

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  1. What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it. What would this world be like without Golden lovers, I don't even want to think about it. Congratulations on all your success's!!!