Monday, July 13, 2009

Why we do it: Katie, A Rough Start

Friday, June 26th started with a call from GBGRR volunteer, Joel R. who had a medium sized crate that he and his wife Kelly wanted to donate. Always in need of crates for our foster families, he dropped the crate off at a fellow volunteer's house. We knew it wouldn't be empty for long...

Katie is a sweet young girl with gold eyes. She's warming up to her foster siblings and less than 24 hours with them, she felt safe enough to walk out of her crate and sit in the middle of them, waiting patiently for a treat. She'll walk on a leash (preferably if foster brother Pecos is near) and understands that she needs to take care of business when she is outside. Katie has been through a lot, her introduction to rescue started when she was thrown from a car onto a freeway. Banged up and bruised, Katie is afraid but when she looks at you there is no doubt that she is willing trust again.

Katie's intake picture:

Here's an uplifting update from Katie's foster mom, Joanie P.: "Thanks to the good samaritans who rescued this frightened and scraped up young female golden on the highway and for saving her life..and for reminding us that there are so many caring and wonderful people in this world. Katie is young, between one and two years old, but seems to have spent her short life having puppies. She weighed 54 pounds when she came to us-her ideal weight will be around 60 lbs. She had us worried at first, as she was so frightened that she wouldn't even stand up.

Every new experience would start her trembling, but after just a few weeks with her 3 foster brothers and sister she has become an enthusiastic, happy girl. Her tail, once hidden away, tucked between legs, now wags all the time. She is like a delicate little fawn compared to my dogs, but loves to be with them, and learns daily how to be a golden: stuffed toys terrified her at first, now she proudly carries one around, and even prances! Our vets recommended this period of building her up mentally and physically before she is spayed, but she will soon be ready for her forever home. This gentle girl has learned some basic obedience already, and would love the comfort and support of a family with another dog."

Katie isn't afraid to be out of that recently donated crate, but you will find her in it when it's time to catch some zzzz's. Get ready Katie, life is going to be really great for you!

Thanks to Joel and Kelly for the donated crate that made Katie feel so safe and thanks to Joanie, Travis, Pecos and Shiloh for starting Katie back on the road to recovery. She might not know how many guardian angels she has watching over her, but we sure do and although we call them "volunteers" they're just as special as guardian angels.

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  1. awww that poor thing!! I cant believe what people will do!!! Thank God for organizations like yours!!