Friday, June 5, 2009

Tennis balls, woobies, anything will do!

Shiloh is the lucky dog of GBGRR fundrasier, Joanie P. On her daily walks, Shiloh collects lost tennis balls from a tennis court near her home. She takes them home and drops them in a bucket by the back door. When the GBGRR annual picnic rolls around Shiloh's bucket of tennis balls can be seen on the edge of the pond for all the other Goldens to use!

One of the most endearing characteristics of a Golden is their desire to carry things around. At GBGRR, we have no shortage of great pictures of our dogs doing just that!

GBGRR alum, Homer

GBGRR volunteer Tom's boy Jake and his favorite woobie

GBGRR alum, Koa

GBGRR alum, Joy

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