Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big brother is watching...

Photo by GBGRR volunteer, Danny F.

Or should we say "Big brother is watching over Sedona f/k/a Artie!" Redhead Sedona, a 4 month old rescued from a local shelter, came into our program scared, covered in fleas and anemic. It didn't take long for foster family Robin and Tom to get him cleaned up and their gaggle of Goldens were quick to teach him how easy it is to feel safe and loved. Two weeks after intake, Sedona was adopted by Don and Sheri - who volunteered with Golden rescue in Maryland prior to moving to Houston. If that wasn't good enough for this lucky little guy, imagine his delight when he realized that gorgeous blond boy Dakota f/k/a Cotton was also part of the package. Adopted by Don and Sheri on the same day, these two boys are clearly already bonded and family has a new meaning! Sadly, Dakota is Heartworm positive and will need to gain weight before he can start Heartworm treatment, but rest assured that there will be a lot of love and support sent his way from GBGRR's volunteers. Don and Sheri, glue down all objects on the coffee table because there's going to be some serious tail wagging in your home!

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