Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why We Do It-New Intake: Plato

We got an email last week about a rescue facility in Southeast Texas that was having to close. They had a young Golden mix and wanted to know if we could take him. Thank goodness we could. GB volunteers Susan and Rick were going to be in the area so they could pick him up and bring him back to Houston where he could see our vet.

He has not had proper nutrition and it appears that he's always been on a hard surface. He doesn't walk on his pads and toes. We are hopeful that a good diet with proper nutrition will correct the problem.

Plato is a young boy, about 6 month old. And to add insult to injury, he has sarcoptic mange. He's being treated for that and learning how to play with toys. Plato is being fostered by GB foster coordinator, Midge L.

Stay tuned. This little guy is on the road to recovery!

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  1. Plato is turning out to be a playful pup and has decided that it's good to be living inside! He is supposed to stay on soft surfaces but isn't content to be outside by himself anymore, so I spend more time outside with him. He is also getting along great with my two goldens and even coaxes them to play some bitey face too! It's too soon to see an improvement in his feet, but his spirit is beginning to recover!