Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sophie: February update

Update from Sophie 2/22/09:
Hi, this is Sophie. I wanted to tell you about my Saturday. It started with a visit to the vet's because I scratched my eye. While there I found out that it will be another month before my blood checkup (April 3rd) and I have lost muscle mass in my face. People pay big bucks for what nature did free for me. I may never get the top of my head back (have a pointy head) but I could possibly get my cheeks back. I was a little down after the news. On the way to the Meet and Greet, my foster family picked up a burger for me to eat to lift my spirits. It was good! The Meet and Greet was busy and I got to smell a lot of different things and see another part of the world besides the back yard. I even got a lot of love from strangers! The biggest surprise was a bath! I wasn’t too happy but my foster mom said it was time. I still had that smell from when I was very sick and from not being able to hold myself up when I went potty. The ladies at Haute Dogs and Glitzy Paws in Old Town Spring were very gentle. I look beautiful! The day made me so tired that I slept through the night for the first time since I’ve been here. My foster family was shocked Sunday morning when I ran across the yard and tried to play with my foster sisters. The sisters had a problem with me trying to bit their tails. So what if I don’t know how to play but I am willing to try.

I just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and good wishes.
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